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Spirit Gospel Choir in concert

The variety of a flower garden in the height of its bloom, the different names of the flowers, their shape, form and origin create a harmony that blends together in a show that gives joy and pleasure.

The voices that form the Spirit Gospel Choir are souls, people of different ages, backgrounds and religion who have been able to find a profound unity of spirit in the gift of song; each and every person contributes using their own individual characteristics and consequently create beauty as a unison.

Listen to "HOSANNA"

We would define “Spirit Gospel Choir” as song, harmony, the energy of love and joy, the voice of hearts, sharing one unique and special feeling, being moved by one another as well as the desire to reach out and touch the hearts of those who are listening. Our choir is born from a collaboration between a group of friends united in their passion for music and in the immense power this has in arriving straight to the soul. Spirit Gospel Choir sings the word of God or “God spell” through sounds that are both rhythmic and engaging as well as melodic and meditative.





Choir Master


Andrea Zermani is a musician and musicologist. He graduated from the Conservatory of Music “G.Nicolini” and has a degree in Musicology from “Facoltà degli Studi di Pavia”. He teaches the saxophone, clarinet and other wind instruments at Milestone School of Music in Piacenza, where he is also co-director. He was amongst the founding members of the musical association “Sugar Kitty Jazz Club” which works to promote initiatives aimed at widening the appreciation for Jazz, as well as the “Piacenza Jazz Club” which for almost twenty years has promoted the international festival “Piacenza Jazz Fest”.

He is a member of the band “The Waiters” which whom he shares his passion for soul and funky music. He is also the author of numerous publications relative to the history and technique of the saxophone, both in Italy and abroad. He is the author of the book “Sax, the instrument of myth”, published by Mondadori in 2003.

After numerous artistic experiences he became fascinated by the magical dynamics within a choir and become sponsor of the “Spirit Gospel Choir”, an ensemble of voices sharing the profound spirituality of gospel as well as exchange and collaboration with friends from all backgrounds and nationalities.

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